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Solar Film | Window Tinting | South Africa

solar film

Window tinting reflects a huge amount of heat and glare, but allows enough light through making your home or office environment, comfortable and easy on the eyes. The glare and heat is harmful to your office carpets, fabrics and furniture as well as for the people working in it. How to prevent sun damage indoors.

Solar film in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape will stop heat from entering your windows through the glass and radiating around the room. Adding solar film to your windows is a highly cost effective way to control your office power consumption and reducing your carbon footprint.

Climate Control

The employer is responsible for a comfortable working environment, and installing solar film will increase effectiveness and productivity of your staff. Eye-strain, heat fatigue and migraines are caused by inadequate heat control. Using solar film on your windows will drastically improve this. Read more on Solar Power in South Africa

Solar Film – Ceiling Insulation

South Africa’s current power crisis is pushing to reduce energy and save power consumption, installing a solar film is an excellent way to help reduce energy transmitted into homes and buildings. The use of ceiling insulation like think pink aerolite also have a huge impact on a building.

Heat comes through the roof and windows, and if we can eliminate both those entrances, our homes and building will be a lot more green. By installing ceiling insulation you can reduce 35% of energy loss through the roof.

Solar film in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape and ceiling insulation will work best when used together, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or building all year round. Be part of the solution with our energy crisis and help South Africa go green!

Office Environments

By using solar film you can drastically reduce the temperature in a room or office that has large glass windows. People enjoy the view out of windows at the office but not the glare and solar heat that comes with it. Having large windows at your office means more solar heat and glare to deal with, which puts pressure on the air-conditioning units to cool down the room but only solves half the problem because the glare is still causing eyestrain and fatigue and making the office environment uncomfortable for everyone.

There are a wide variety of solar films available Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape to combat this problem, so you can choose a solar film that suits your needs. Solar films offer exceptional performance and a very appealing look to your building.

Large windows in an office environment increase glare, the bigger the window, the more glare your employees will have to deal with. This Glare is increase at curtain time of the day making it impossible to be productive without having solar film installed to reduce it.

Solar film can reduce glare by up to 85%, depending on the solar film installed. The protection you get from solar film will slash the heating and cooling cost of the building and enhance the view, while reducing the harmful ultra violet rays and glare, improving the functionality of your windows. This means lower electricity bills, enhanced comfort, privacy and protection against the unexpected!

Solar Film – Home Environments

Your home is your biggest investment. Solar film can help protect that investment by reducing heating and cooling costs, adding protection for your family against broken glass and smash and grab attacks, adding privacy to your home, enhancing the functionality of your windows, and giving your home an appealing look from the outside.

Ultra violet rays damage wooden floors, carpets, fabrics, furniture and even your skin. Make sure you use solar film on your windows at home to decrease the chance of UV rays damaging your property. Solar film offers a massive 99% reduction in damaging ultra violet rays that enter through your windows! You can read more on how to remove old tint here.

Solar Film Durban Areas

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