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Window Film | Solar Shield Window Tinting

When you think of “window film” most people think of buildings that have badly installed, dark black window tint that make the inside of buildings very dark inside. Technology has changed in the last couple of years, and so has window film.

The old dark black window films served their purpose of keeping the heat out of the buildings, but they were so dark that lights had to be turned on all the time, which is not an option today with Eskom’s increase in electricity prices.

Using Window Film in Office Environments

When a building has a lot of glass, it may look attractive but the building becomes a giant greenhouse, increasing power consumption and use of air conditioners in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape, just to maintain a pleasant working environment.

In most cases the air conditioners still can’t maintain a comfortable environment even though you get a huge bill at the end of the month. Apply solar tint and you will notice the effects immediately.

New Technology Window Film

window film south africaSolar film has changed over the years, and after much research and development, has become more effective without losing all the light from the glass.

Glare is reduced but you still get the right amount of light through the window film for a comfortable office environment without all the harmful UV rays that accompany the natural light.

UV light is not only harmful to your carpets and furniture but also to your staff, increasing fatigue and eye strain and in some cases increases the chance of getting skin cancer.

Installing window film reduces all of these things as well as your power consumption. Avoid all the risks involved with not having solar shield installed.

Window Film vs Double Glazing in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape

Solar Shield Control Films are a revolutionary glass insulation coating transforming poorly insulated windows into highly energy efficient windows. Energy efficient window films have the same thermal performance to that of double-glazing, but at a significantly lower cost to double-glazing.

With its low cost and high return technology and reduced annual energy consumption, solar shield window film is way ahead of standard window tinting films.

Why use Window Film?

Solar shield window film in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape is a solar heat management system on your glass which helps you control the climate in your home or place of work. In summer the window film blocks the solar heat from entering your glass and in winter the window film reduces energy and heat loss through the windows from the inside. These are the strong points to window film that adds protection, value and comfort to your home.

Most of the sun’s rays are harmful to us, ultra violet radiation is harmful to us as well as furniture, carpets, curtains and wood floors to name a few. By using solar shield on your glass you reduce glare, ultra violet light and solar heat from entering your home or office by up to 80% in some cases, depending on which window film you decide to use.

When you have window film installed on your glass you can achieve a reduction in room temperature, enhanced work environments, lower heating and cooling costs and less fatigue which results in higher productivity in an office environment.

Furniture, carpets and fabrics will not be affected by the sun’s harmful UV rays because window film block 99% of all ultra violet light. From a safety point of view, window film strengthens your glass so you have less chance of a glass related accident occurring because the glass becomes shatter-proof and you don’t have pieces of glass flying around the room. You can read more on how to remove old tint here.

Variety of Window Films

We have a variety of window film products in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape to suit your needs. reflective window film, solar window film and safety window film. There are also many different kinds of decorative tints for those who are looking to add some appeal and privacy to their home or office. All of our window films have different specs so make sure you choose one that suits your required needs.

Window film makes it harder for people on the outside to see inside your home which makes bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and lounges more private and secluded. We also have a range of frosted window films which could be used on glass cabinets or shower doors.

Prevents Intruders from entering

By using a high end window film, you will prevent smash and grab attacks in your home, office or vehicle. The glass is strengthened by the product making it very hard for an intruder to break through and steal from you. You should think about installing window film in areas such as office complexes, industrial facilities, retail centres, hospitals and schools.

Just about anywhere you get a large amount of people gathering and could end up with a smash and grab attack. There are very few products that give you such a wide variety of benefits like window film with its amazing reduction on heating and cooling bills, which puts money back in your pocket, more productive and comfortable working environment for employees by reducing heat and glare in offices, protection of people and property behind the glass and a very pleasing uniform look to your building or home.

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