Welcome Solar Shield South Africa

Getting your office or home windows tinted has many benefits. Over the years window tinting in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban (KZN) and Western Cape has become quite popular with homeowners and vehicle owners. Residential window tinting does have an upfront cost but it will pay itself off over the years.

Smash and grab window tinting in South Africa has been protecting motorists from criminals breaking into their cars and stealing their possessions. It strengthens your vehicle windows making it much harder for thieves to gain access to your car from the outside.

UV Reduction 100%
Window Tinting 100%
Glare Reduction 100%
Smash and Grab 100%
Privacy Film 100%

Glare and Heat Reduction



For a quick price on window film, be sure to have some approximate measurements on the glass you want us to tint.



Once we have your approximate measurements we can send you some suggestions and a quick price over email.



If you accept the quote and we come out to install, final measurements will be confirmed on the day of installation.

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