CleaningNovember 20, 2014by Solar ShieldBasics of window cleaning

Window cleaning is one of the vital parts of home cleaning still a lot of people do ignore it. Also, there are many people who do not know how to clean the windows. It is good to learn the basics of window cleaning so that you can give a perfectly clean look to your home.

Window Tinting

Before cleaning the windows it is better to vacuum the windows from every cut and corner. The windowsill and the glass screen must also be vacuumed. Never expect that vacuuming will help you to remove the streak and water stains from the windows. It will only make your windows free of dust. After this, you can also make use of cotton or microfiber cloth for getting rid of any grime in the corners of the windows.

If you are using vinegar as a solution for cleaning this grime then it is really the best option. If you have put blinds or drapes on your windows then it is better to put them down so that these might also get cleaned. It is a good chance to give your windows a complete cleaning.

Smash and Grab Tint

Many people consider that window cleaning is the best to be performed on a bright sunny day but this is not a good assumption. It is better to choose a cool and gloomy day because in a sunny weather you can create streaks right after cleaning your windows. It is because as soon as you will clean the windows with the cleaning solution, it will get dried over the windows quickly and streaks will be caused.

Window Cleaning Supplies

Before window cleaning always make sure that you have got all the supplies and tools for giving it a professional look. It is believed that a squeegee can give a professional look to the window cleaning as it does not create any mess. Professional cleaners always do make use of a squeegee.

Many people do make use of paper towels but it is suggested that these might not be used as these are supposed to leave behind lint which is really undesirable. You can search for other cleaning tools and products that are lint free if you cannot approach a squeegee that will leave your windows crystal clear.

Window Film

Microfiber cloth is another good option and you can also make use of a lean and soft material t-shirt. It is also advised that one must spend some money and have squeegee as it is not a bad investment and it can be used for many other purposes like for bathroom glass shower door cleaning.

Apart from this, you must also have any window cleaning product. It is not necessary to buy a specific one for this purpose, you can make use of any glass cleaning product but it must be non-abrasive in nature. Mostly everyone does have a cleaning product at our homes and it is not something unique.

It is recommended that soapy window cleaning solutions must not be used as they are hard to handle. If used in large quantity they are hard to clean and can leave a lot of residues behind. Also, these solutions can make glass go dingy. It is also a good idea to make use of home-made window cleaning solutions.

Solar Film

These will be very cost effective as well as effective. You can get the sparkling clean windows at very low budget without using any toxic chemical material in your homes. These solutions are largely preferred because these are made by very common cabinet products like vinegar and lemon.