Energy SavingSeptember 11, 2014by Solar ShieldMyths and Truths About Energy Saving

Energy efficiency gained huge popularity in recent years as the fickle and unstable energy industry. Many people are replacing the conventional sources and take advantage of renewable sources. This inevitably led to the rise of certain energy myth.

#1 Myth: Energy Saving – When it’s off, is off.

There is a very common misconception that when the appliances are switched off, they don’t consume energy. In reality when electrical devices are plugged in suck even more energy than when they are on.

Unfortunately, some devices like air conditioners cannot be turned off completely. You should keep the rest of your electrical tools like your computer and hairdryer unplugged when not used.

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#2 Myth: Temperature of the thermostat

Having your thermostat at the same temperature day and night is not only inefficient but actually uses a lot more energy than when you heat up a cold room. Therefore, it’s better to turn down the appliance at night and then use it again in the morning.

Warming up a cold room requires less energy than keeping a constant temperature. Switch off the thermostat when you are out. Lower the degrees when you are involved in some activity that will naturally warm you up.

For instance, during your house cleaning. Tasks like bathroom sanitizing involve a lot of rubbing that not only burn fat, but makes you feel warmer.  Save energy next time you’re cleaning your home.

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#3 Myth: Fluorescent lightening is dangerous

Not anymore! We are talking about a new generation LED bulbs, not about the annoying flickering ones. They use less energy than the conventional incandescent lights thus they accumulate less plant pollution.

It is worth mentioning that even LED bulbs contain a small amount of mercury that cannot compare to the emissions from the fossils that contain mercury.

#4 Myth: Recycle during the house clearance

Recycling is closely associated energy saving, mainly because it requires fewer energy resources than building something from scratch. Let’s say, you are moving house or you simply need to get rid of a few items.

You are not required to sort your rubbish while you are doing your domestic clearance. Most of the professional property clearance services have their own machine that does it for you. So don’t feel guilty that you didn’t have time to take care of that.

#5 Myth: Energy efficient appliances

If you are on a crossroad whether to pay more for an energy efficient home you are not alone. Yes, these will surely reduce your bills. However, it’s difficult to say for what you are paying for.

Maybe the previous owner paid less for installing it. The government offers many tax reliefs and discounts to encourage green practices. Juxtapose the price of an energy efficient home to the amount of regular proper plus the investment for the energy-saving appliances.

#6 Myth: Electric heating

This is partially true. Almost all of the electricity is effectively turned into a heat. But we often forget that the production of electricity is not that efficient.  A large part of the input energy source gets lost during the process. This is the reason behind the expensive electricity. You should install roof insulation to reduce electricity usage. Get hold of an aerolite installer and get a price.

As every single thing, energy saving comes at some price. However, its benefits exceed enormously its disadvantages.