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Breaking a window of a vehicle in order to get access or taking valuable materials kept in the vehicle is called Smash and Grab. There are special types of protective window films available to prevent the Smash and Grab attacks here in South Africa. By installing them, the vehicle owner can ensure the safety of their valuable materials.


Smash and Grab Tinting in South Africa

Depending on the thickness and strength, there are various security films available. Smash and grab protection is ensured best by a 200 micron-two-ply system. Typical films are 100 microns. But these thin films cannot provide the glass with enough support to retain its place after a hit or blow. Sometimes the windows end up in the passenger or driver’s lap.

There are also films for those who want maximum protection. 450-micron four-ply systems have the strength to withstand a bullet. These combined in a car glass successfully stopped .38 special bullet. But these 450 microns films are so thick that these cannot be used in all types of vehicles or windows in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape. It is better to stick with the 200 microns film.

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Advantages of Smash and Grab on Vehicles

  • Maintain comfortable and cool temperatures in your car.
  • Can reject and reflect UV rays and in the process protect the inside of the ride.
  • Prevent the smash and grabs attempt.
  • Maintain privacy
  • Make used vehicles valuable

What Does Anti Smash and Grab Tint Cost?

The cost or price of installing safety and security window tinting on the vehicles depends on the size and number of the windows of a vehicle. You also need to take into consideration which area you are from. Smash and grab tinting prices do vary between Durban, Johannesburg and Western Cape. Different films serve a different purpose and come with a variety of characteristics. Some are shatterproof and some are not.

Prior to buying any smash and grab tint in Johannesburg, it is best to know the specs of the product. It is unfortunate that most of the smash and grab tint in Cape Town do not contain “how it works” information. Rather the manufacturer tends to show the less major features like UV protection, car cooling etc. Sometimes people get fooled by their marketing and buy smash and grab products that merely can prevent a blow.

Car Window Tinting Protects Both Driver and Car

The car window tinting legislation was passed in 1990. In that legislation, the tinting of windows to a maximum of 35% light penetration got approval. After that, the industry never stopped growing. From the feedback of the tint users in Durban, Johannesburg and Western Cape, it is found that the main reasons behind using these products are:

  1. Driver’s Safety
  2. Car Protection

Solar heat most of the time increases the heat inside the vehicles and increase the load for cooling. The film ensures very low heat transmission and reduces glare. The low heat transmission helps to save the load and increase fuel efficiency.

Also, most of the UV rays that come from the sun are blocked. It is very vital for those who drive for long hours and park in the outside. UV rays are very harmful to interior materials and plastic finishes. By blocking around 90% of the UV rays, these films maintain beautiful interior and increase the resale value.

Discourage Thieves from Breaking in With Smash and Grab Tint

smash and grab tint durbanTheft of valuable materials can be reduced by using anti smash and grab tint in Cape Town. Tinting prevents the outsider from seeing the vehicle. The intention of thieves to steal reduces automatically when they don’t know what is inside. Using quality window film can prevent these attacks.

However, there are some legal restrictions on tinting. How much dark the tint can be to maintain a good clear view for the drivers. To maintain both driver’s safety and safety of the car, a combination of tint and films can be used effectively.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Smash and Grab Attacks

  1. Keep the doors locked.
  2. It is advisable not to open windows or get into discussions with street vendors or anyone handing out flyers
  3. Keep valuables like handbags, notebooks, mobiles in a safer place that cannot be directly seen from outside.
  4. Remain conscious and keep your eyes open when crossing an intersection or stopping the vehicle.
  5. During late at night, start slowing down earlier so that by the time you reach the intersection, the light changes to green.
  6. Always watch your road carefully and if you see any kind of blocking materials like tires or rocks, do not leave your ride.
  7. Try to maintain a gap between your ride and the vehicle in front so that you have space to escape if anything happens.
  8. Beware if you see pieces of glasses lying on the road. If the glass pieces are scattered, it may indicate that the smash and grab took place recently.
  9. If your vehicle’s windows are not equipped with anti smash and grab tint in Johannesburg, do not shut the windows completely. Rather leave a gap of 3 to 5 cm. It makes the windows more flexible and resistant.
  10. Install protective and tinted film for your windows.

How Do Criminals Break Through Glass?

It is not foolish to think that most smash and grabs attacks involve the use of bricks or heavy objects. However, According to Swart, “Criminals use the ceramic from a broken spark plug which is extremely hard and sharp. They throw it at the window and because most car manufacturers toughen the side windows, they are brittle and shatter.”

This phenomenon can also be explained with science. Side windows of vehicles are made of tempered glass with high compressive stress and tensile stress to ensure longevity and better strength. Due to these factors, it is also shattered into thousands of pieces. A number of experiments prove that it is comparatively easy to break these glasses using small and sharp objects like spark plug ceramic.

Reduce Damage From Stones Hitting Your Windows

Additionally, studies have proven that protective films make drivers feel refreshed and can increase their attention. These things make driving more comfortable and safe. Window films also protect drivers from anonymous stoning. These types of incidents caused numerous injuries and losses in South Africa in recent times.

Anti smash and grab tinting in Durban, Johannesburg and Western Cape will increase the strength and durability of windows to many times. The level of safety is increased and rates of accidents reduce.