Solar PowerDecember 2, 2014by Solar ShieldSolar Energy – What You Should Consider

Greenway of living is something that many people strive for. Recycling, using electric vehicles, insulating our homes and trying to save energy at home are just a few of the things each of us should be particularly interested in. The global problems for the environment require an immediate response, and it should not be a one-time act, but rather a habit and a way of living.

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Solar energy is now a part of many people’s lives. It is no longer science fiction – photovoltaics are getting more and more recognition, as the importance of clean house energy rises. Solar energy is the ultimate solution when it comes to preserving the environment. It requires sunlight, which is an infinite resource.

Solar energy – leading to a clean environment

In a world where ecology is very important, going solar in your home can mean a big difference. Your carbon footprint will greatly decrease, leading to a clean environment. What you need to know before you consider solar energy in your home are few things:

  • It can be quite expensive as an investment. Solar panels can be expensive, especially if you are planning to be self-sufficient with that type of energy. This is a long-term investment, which will pay off in the future, but the upfront costs are generally high. For this reason many people decide against solar panels. It is worth it to do a proper research on possible tax refunds, and leasing, not buying the equipment. You can also buy one panel at a time. This means that you will need to rely on other sources for energy, however.
  • Solar energy comes with certain requirements. Most obvious one is enough sun exposure. PV-panels provide energy only in sunny days, less on cloudy days and no energy at night. The location of your home is very important with regards to seasonality, as is the direction your roof is facing – this will determine whether panels will need special mounting.
  • Panel maintenance – cleaning, fixing any problems as they arise – this and more should be covered by your panel provider. You are investing quite a lot in green energy, so you would want the whole system to run as smoothly as possible.
  • Ask for references – the company you choose for your PV-panels must be a solid one. You are making the investment of your life, with expectations for the next 20 years, if not more, so make sure you do a proper research on who you buy the equipment from.
  • Monitor the performance – your solar power system must be closely monitored. Track the performance of the system to determine the gain and loss of energy and fix problems if any are present.

With all things that must be considered, it can be hard to familiarize with the technology and to make the first toward implementing it for clean home energy production. But solar panel systems in South Africa is certainly something to consider.