South Africa is in the middle of an energy crisis, we all need to do our part to save power consumption. Using solar shield window tinting on your windows will help with the power crisis and save you money on heating and cooling bills in your home or business. Use solar shield with think pink aerolite ceiling insulation or polyester eco-friendly insulation for an energy efficient home.


Heat, Glare, Energy Reduction:

  • 75% heat reduction (through windows)
  • 90% glare reduction (through windows)
  • 99% UV reduction
  • 35% summer energy cost reduction

Advantages of Solar Window Film:

  • Climate control in your home
  • Reduction of heat and glare but let’s light in
  • Solar Shield is energy efficient
  • Cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Reduction in air-conditioning bills
  • Furniture, carpet and fabric protection from the sun
  • Softer light within your home
  • Shattered glass protection
  • Solar Shield adds privacy to your home
  • Protects versus smash and grab criminals
  • Architectural value added to your windows
  • Solar Shield works well with ceiling insulation
  • How Does Solar Shield Window Tinting Work?

We apply the solar shield window tint to the inside of the glass window, this way the product does not get exposed to the elements and weather outdoors. After tinting your windows with solar shield window tint, the following takes place

  • Part of the suns energy is reflected away from the tinted glass
  • Some of the suns energy is absorbed by the glass
  • A small amount of the suns energy will enter the room
  • The solar shield absorbs most of the energy and re-radiates it in and out the room

Ultraviolet Protection

By using solar shield, you will reduce the suns damaging UV rays by 99%. These UV rays cause the fading you see on your furniture, carpets, wooden floors and fabrics.

Solar shield window tinting can reduce the suns heat by up to 75% through your home or business windows, which in turn reduces the energy consumption needed to cool down your home after a warm day.

Don’t block your views with shades or blinds, rather enhance it using solar shield, making your home or office more enjoyable without the sun causing excessive damage and unbearable heat.

Start Thinking Green…

Going green is actually a two sided story because not all solar energy is free like everyone thinks. As a matter of fact it can be costly for some people especially in summer. Glass without solar shield window tinting cannot deflect solar heat in your home, car or office. Your rooms will heat up quickly without solar shield and air-conditioning units end up working overtime to cope with the cooling and ends up increasing your power consumption, which increases your electricity bill.

Winter solar glare can be very distracting and decreases productivity. Your heating bills on cold winter days will increase as your normal glass lets out all the warm air that has been generated that day within the room. It’s even worse on cold nights, where more heating is needed to maintain a comfortable living environment.

The power of the sun ends up damaging carpets, furniture, curtains and quickly bleaches the colour out of most fabrics, which is expensive to replace. This takes place because of the so called free energy that comes through your windows, which ends up being costly not free. Solar shield will solve this costly problem.

Solar Shield Window Tinting – Saves you money

Our solar shield film will transform you normal glass into cost effective and heat reflective glass at a much cheaper price than factory tinted windows. Solar shield window tinting can reduce heat flow through your windows by up to 91% and blocks up to 99% of the ultra violet radiation, as well as being an excellent insulator on cold nights. Read more energy saving tips here.

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