Energy SavingJuly 14, 2014by Solar ShieldStay Warm on Saving Mode

Winter is not yet gone and there are still a few cold months ahead. This is the period when you like to feel warm and cosy at home. Winter comes along with freezing temperatures and high energy bills. If you don’t prepare properly, you might get unpleasantly surprised. Believe it or not, it is possible to stay warm and save money. Here are few energy efficient tips that will preserve the comfort of your home, without any major costs or cleaning efforts.

Window Tinting

Find the Weak Spots

Whether it’s bad or none insulation or energy-sucking heating appliances, you need to identify the problems that sabotage your saving endeavours. If your home is not well protected, heating will turn into a reoccurring issue. Check the windows, walls and the attic. You might need to make small improvements or some serious renovations.

The first step is to get window film. There are many options in terms of shape, size and level of transparency. Window film is particularly suitable for buildings with south facing. If you don’t want to alter the overall appearance of your windows sealing also comes in hand, as it is cheap, easy to find and apply. The downside is that it might leave a sticky residue that can make the window cleaning hard.

Smash and Grab Tinting

Winter is the best time to invest in curtains. Use multiple layers of these to stop the float of cold air. Pick heavy fabrics or put one curtain over the other. You will create unique and gorgeous interior design by preventing the heat loss.

In some cases, you might need to undertake more extreme measures and to insulate the entire home or risky areas like the attic, where the heat usually escapes. It’s a big investment, but it will save you thousands of dollars during the cold months.

Get Some Useful Tools

Installing motion sensors is another way to control your energy consumption. You can place them in the restrooms and doorways or other areas that are used occasionally. Area rugs cannot be considered exactly tools, but they are an effective way to keep the warmth of the room. Covering your bare floors will make you feel less chilly and will provide your feet with more softness.

Practice These Tricks

During the winter, there is a limited amount of sunlight. Still, you need to take advantage of it, by letting the sun penetrate your windows during the day. I will not replace your heaters, but it will surely make a difference in the indoor temperature. It is striking that by opening the blinds, you can cut off up to 12% of your costs during the period.

Window Film | Solar Film

It is best to close the rooms that you don’t use for the winter period.  Having one area less for heating makes economical sense. Plus, you might consider putting into use the old fireplace. Although, this is a secondary heat source it can help you warm your house.

Keep You Appliances in Shape

If your heating system doesn’t work efficiently, they might need a thorough cleaning. See whether the filters of the air-conditioner are not filled with debris. If you are not able to deal with the appliances alone, turn to a professional cleaning service.