Temperature Control

By having Solar Shield installed on your windows in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape, you will block the heat the usually comes in through the windows. While still allowing light to enter. It’s a cost-effective way to reduce heat gain through windows.

UV Reduction
Solar Shield
Glare Reduction
solar shield window tinting

Energy Efficient Home

Making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Don’t block your views with shades or blinds. Rather enhance it, making your home or office more enjoyable without the sun causing excessive damage and unbearable heat.

You will end up saving on your heating and cooling bills once solar shield has been installed. Roof insulation like aerolite can help save additional energy.

Solar Shield in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape has ultraviolet inhibitors in it that rejects up to 99% of the ultraviolet that comes through your windows. In order to minimize fading, you need to reduce as much glare and heat as possible. Which can be achieved using Solar Shield.

Solar Shield Window Tinting Services

Your carpets, furniture or wooden floors will be protected by solar shield. It’s basically a low-cost, high-return energy conservation measure. If you are looking to reduce the suns solar heat by up to 75% through your windows, consider having solar shield window tinting installed on your glass. Glass without solar shield cannot deflect heat in your home, car or office. Your rooms will heat up quickly and air-conditioning units end up working overtime to cope with the cooling. This increases your power consumption. Which increases your electricity bill. Start saving money with solar shield in South Africa.

Block UV and UVB Rays From Entering

Solar Shield will help save the interior of your home. Furthermore, it will block 99% of UV and UVB rays that enter your windows.

Additionally, it has the Skin Care Cancer foundation recommendation seal. Investing in solar shield is definitely a wise decision. We have a range of products available to choose from in South Africa.

solar shield window tinting
energy efficiency window tinting

Solar Shield Features

  • Reduced cooling costs at home
  • Reduced heating costs at home
  • Safety – Makes glass harder to break by criminals
  • Weather-related accidents
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Minimises the damage in the event of attempted forced entry
  • Reduces the effects of fading and block UV rays from entering
  • Improves the interior climate of your home or office

Solar Shield South Africa